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Camino Production Company

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Camino Production Company

As the founder and Executive Producer of Camino Production Company, my goal was to establish a positive and productive studio which aims to uplift women-driven stories. The goal of our company is to produce impactful and empowering work, while fostering a culture of care throughout all steps of the production process.


Camino values diversity, accessibility, and ethical production practice. We believe the best art is a result of a collaborative team where each individual feels valued and proud of the work we create.

What thrills me as a writer and producer is to hear excited murmurs on set; things like "this is my favorite line," or "I'm gonna have to try really hard not to laugh at that joke when we're rolling." Similarly in post-production, hearing our editorial team discuss the parts that "never get old" is rewarding as a producer. I want to create work that is meaningful to audiences, and I recognize that as a filmmaker I have much room to grow. My evolving philosophy on producing is to put the people before the product. By valuing the team first, we nurture a collaborative environment that maximizes the potential of our results.

Our first short film, June, is a queer bilingual comedy which explores the intersectionality of culture, language, religion, and sexuality. This film is very dear to me, not only because of the story, but because of the people who brought it to life. I was blessed to work with Lauren Stevens, a close friend and brilliant director who believed in this project from the first draft. Our production team, Karima Karkori, Amy Lyn Williams, and Joanna Gaspar have been running this marathon with me (and carrying me some of the way). Our cinematographer, Ziggy Van Koeverden has been my ride-or-die DP; he truly makes the impossible possible. Justin Marquez, our dedicated editor has lifted this project to its full potential, leaving no stone unturned. And of course, the color team at Primary who made our dreams come true, with Ale Amato as the colorist, assisted by Matthew Stepanek, David Oh, and Philip Dystant, and color producer Alex Zhao.

Please read more on the official June page here, where you'll find a full list of credits -- every member of this team made an immense impact on June, and we are so excited to share it with you at film festivals starting in Fall 2023. 

Currently, I am working towards becoming a post-production producer at Rock Paper Scissors LLC, which specializes in commercials and short-form editorial jobs. I am lucky to have such immense support here from my co-workers, and hope that the work I do for RPS will further prepare me to be a leader at Camino.

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